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Alban Skenderaj


Alban Skenderaj Bio

Alban Skenderaj was born in 1982 in Vlora, a costal town in Southern Albania. His father was an army official and also the author of various books of poetry and prose. His mother worked in the laboratory of the town’s aqueduct. At the age of 14, after finishing secondary school, Alban left Albania for Italy and came to Pistoia (Florence) where he still lives now with his parents and three brothers.

Alban continued school, studying hotel industry but dedicated most of his time to his real passion, music. Discovering he couldn’t devote enough time to both, He decided to dedicate himself to the latter. He took a guitar course for a year and then continued teaching him self to play. He became close to various musicians. When he was 17, he began writing his own songs. Alban began appearing on stage and taking part in competitions organized by the town where he lived. In the meantime, he continued singing in various venues of different bands. He preferred writing songs in English and Italian.

Alban participated in the “TOP FEST” festival (the best-known music festival in Albania) with “Vetem Ty” the first song he wrote in Albanian. He came first out of 200 entries, also winning the “Internet Prize”, due to gaining the highest number of votes from the public. After a short time, his second Albanian song “Thirrje e Deshperuar” becomes a hit in Albania Kosovo and Macedonia. At this time, he worked with the recording company “TOP Records” and the company “Vodafone Albania” presented his first album, which sold about 100.000 copies. The songs on the album were “Bukuri e Frikshme”, “Deri ne Fund”, “Thirrje e Deshperuar”, “Vetem Ty”, “E Verteta Ime”, “My Oasis”, “Hapsira e Nje Endrre”,
“Verso Il Blu” (the italian version of “Vetem Ty”).

In 2005 Alban signed an important contract and became the public image man of “VODAFONE Albania” for a year and half.
Over the last few years he was played many concerts in various European countries for Albanian people.

In June 2007 he worked with the German composer “SCHILLER” (known for his electro pop songs). Together they performed a great concert in Tirana organized by “Living Room Show” where Alban sang various well-know Schiller’s songs like “I feel you” and “Dream of you”.

Alban released in May 2008 his new single “Larg dhe Afer” also with a video clip. After 3 years maintenance on august 2008 he published his second album called “MELODY”. The 12 album tracks are the finest selection from all written songs by Alban from 2004 to 2008.

He produced this album with very professional German and Italian producers and musicians. The songs are produced in high quality studios in Germany and Italy. 4-5 songs will be published with video clips, among others the duet “Let Me Die With You” in English with Miriam Cani.